Search Engine Domination

“Dominate The Search Engine – Grab 70% Of Internet Searchers!”

It is quite feasible to dominate the search engines (rank in multiple positions) on the search engines by what is refered to as — Universal Search.

Most people think of Search Results as starting and ending with being the #1 result for a Google search result page. We call this SERP, or Google Search Result Position, and it is certainly the goal to keep in mind when designing and executing an SEO strategy. However, there are more aspects to Search Results than just the SERP.

  • Local Search / Google Maps

Many searches – especially if they include a geographic location – will result in a Google mini-map above the regular results, with 10 local results listed and marked by push-pin icons on the map. If you’re on the map, you appear on the map listing which ranks above the regular results!

  • Video Search Results

Video pages (such as YouTube or MetaCafe – but also on your own site) are ranked well by Google. This is because people like to watch videos, and Google is trying to give searchers what they want.  Videos has also become the #1 way to get your message viral.

  • Image Search Results

Searches for terms in certain categories tend to turn up a lot of images. If you post properly tagged images, your page can be among these results. In addition, Google has a separate section for Image searches, and ranking well there is another way to drive traffic to your site.

  • News Search Results

Google News is a subset of search that millions of decision-makersturn to on a daily basis. Your site may not be syndicated by Google News (although if it is, explout that to the max!) but other blogs are and they can guest host you or post about you. Press Releases are another good way to infiltrate the news feed sources.

  • Product Search Results

This one is mostly for e-commerce sites that sell products. If that describes you, you need to post your products on shopping sites like BizRate and Ebay. GoogleBase is also an important and often overlooked way to get Google to feature your product – and this can apply to other categories as well, such as Real Estate listings.

  • Blog Search

Google is including blogs in their general search result now.  And Google is not the only game in town – make sure your blog is on Technorati and other blog aggregators and raters. Don’t forget that content created for blogs can be repurposed for other forms of content like web pages, articles, and press releases.

  • Classified Website Listings
    Your classified ad listing can show up quickly and rank very highly in the search engines, thus giving you another shot at attracting a client.  Include classified ads in your search marketing strategy for even more reach.

And many many more added daily (yes — the internet is that fast!) leaves no stone unturned. If there is a way to get another link in the search engines we will get it!  Our goal is to dominate the search engines in such a way that it would be impossible for a client to NOT KNOW of your company!

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