Social Media Marketing – Web2.0

Social Media Marketing – Reach out to your target market – Online

Right now, people interested in your product or service are congregating on the Internet. They participate in Online Communities – through web-enabled facilities and Web 2.0 tools like:

  • Blogs (and other online discussion forums)
  • Youtube (and other shared video sites)
  • Facebook (and other social networks)
  • Online Reviews (and other online information exchange facilities)

Actively participating in these online communities is a proactive way of engaging your potential customers and target markets. While SEO focuses on responding to people who initiate searches, Web 2.0 tools allow you to be the one reaching out to people who have self-identified as potentially in your market.

A Web 2.0 program by enables you to identify where your potential customers are congregating on the Internet – and to meet them on their own terms.  We can build online communites of thousands of highly targeted users all interested in you, your company and what you have to say — and sell!

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